SJ’s Top 10 Fit Tips

Getting in shape can seem overwhelming at first. I believe in taking it one day at a time while practicing small healthy changes each day. Here are my top 10 fitness tips that can you help you live a healthier life.

#1 Drink Water” Consuming beverages such as soda (even diet) and sugary drinks are not only bad for our health, they are loaded with sugars, fake sugars, chemicals, and extra calories that will prevent fat loss results.  Just swapping out water for other not so good beverages can save an extra 500 calories per day depending on how much you drink. Water also helps flush out unwanted toxins and is great for our organs. You can also reach for some organic green Matcha tea. Studies show that it helps burn more calories and fight diseases such as cancer due to its high antioxidant level.

“#2 Swap System” For beginners this is a great way to ease into adapting a clean eating menu. For example, take one meal or snack that is NOT clean and swap it out for a healthier option.  Do this once a day for a week then the following week, swap two!  If you buy chips swap them for almonds. If you buy ice cream try eating organic yogurt with fruit instead. These small efforts add up and produce long term results.  This is especially great for weaning fake, processed, chemical ridden foods from our bodies.

“#3 Get Moving” You don’t have to jump right into a 5 day per week 2 hour gym session to see results. Any type of movement will do your body good. Go for a walk, take the stairs over the elevator, do push- ups and squats during a TV commercial, and perform HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which is short on time but tough on fat!  Again, little changes will add up!

“#4 Set Realistic Goals” don’t strive for perfection. Nothing worth having comes easy or will happen overnight. Having a big goal is great but be realistic with yourself.  If you can’t run a 5k, run how far you can, then walk! You will get there. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle, don’t tell yourself you have to hit these goals on a certain date. Guess what? Life happens, we get busy, we eat things we shouldn’t at times, and expecting to be ready on a certain date adds pressure. Celebrating the small victories will help the unrealistic expectations go out the window! (Where they belong!) 🙂

“#5 Shop Prepared” Never go to the grocery store hungry! Before you know it you will have more in the cart that you need and most likely it won’t be filed with fruits and veggies. Eat a clean snack before. Then, make a list and stick to it! Always stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store as this is where the cleanest food is!

“#6 Food Prep”  “Fail to prepare or prepare to fail” This is especially true in maintaining a healthy diet. Take one or two days per week and prep as much food as you can for the following week. Chop veggies and fruits, make mini salads, bake sweet potatoes, cook rice, prepare and bag snacks such a nuts and seeds. You may want to cook meat fresh if you are a meat eater or you can prep it for 3 days out. Then, place these meals and snacks in containers and place them in the fridge. Now you are able to grab and go! This saves time, money and helps prevent eating junk due to lack of preparation.

“#7 Stop Snacking at Night” As the evening dawns our metabolism slows down. This doesn’t mean you can have a small healthy meal or clean snack but most unhealthy food habits are exercised at night. This can add on many extra calories that can be stored. Make dinner your lightest meal and lowest in carbs. Opt for a lean protein, veggie carbs and a good fat such as avocado or coconut oil. If you are hungry hours later, choose something low in sugar and carbs like veggies and hummus or celery and almond butter.

“#8 Eat small meals & NEVER skip breakfast” One thing we need working for us when trying to reach a fitness goal in a speedy metabolism.  As we sleep our bodies go into what’s called a “fasting state”.  Until we introduce food in our body our metabolism stays in a fasting and slow state. Most Americans skip breakfast; consume a not so clean lunch while having a huge dinner. The best thing to do is eat a clean breakfast – My Fit Look Cookbook can help you with recipes) and eat small “mini meals” and snacks all through the day.

“#9 Eat Lean Protein” Protein is essential for the body to repair and grow. Adding protein into your diet will burn more calories due to the impact it has on the digestion process. Protein also helps boost the metabolism and makes us feel fuller longer. Get lean protein in every meal.

“#10 Subscribe to a Fitness Magazine” There are so many workouts and nutrition tips that can help teach you how to live healthier. There are motivating pictures, recipes and more! I always have on in my purse!

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