1. Burns Fat and Builds Muscle

When trying to lose weight and burn fat many opt for steady-state cardio. Although this type of cardio offers many benefits, it might not give you the best results, especially if you’re goal is to burn fat while building muscle. Sprinting is categorized as high intensity interval training method, or what’s called HIIT. Studies have shown HIIT is very effective at burning fat and muscle building. So what is HIIT exactly, you ask? In short, HIIT is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods. On the otherhand, steady-state cardio consists of a slower pace (think long distance running) for a longer period of time. The catch that comes with steady state is as soon as you stop working out, you stop burning calories. With HIIT your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout is over. Spiriting also allows your body to continue to build muscle rather than break it down as it does in longer duration training. Research has shown that a significant level of growth hormone (GH) is released during sprinting activities, which allows the body to build muscle while burning fat. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn even at rest! To experience these benefits you don’t have to stick to the formal sprints at a track. The best part is you can use the sprinting method in many other activities like cycling, swimming, stairs, jump rope, or any activity that involves short bursts of high intensity. Another reason sprints burn fat efficiently is that specific enzymes become abundant within the body each time sprinting occurs. These enzymes, along with normal cell functions, help the body store more calories and energy within the muscle tissue rather than storing it as fat. Through this process, the body steadily depletes all of its fat stores that normally account for weight gain.

2. Boosts Heart Health

Heart disease is at its highest among women in 2014. We’ve all heard how cardio is a great way to improve heart health, but recent studies show sprinting may have an even greater impact on your ticker. For example, one study performed on overweight women showed an increase in stroke volume and lower training and resting heart rate after just four weeks of cycle sprint training. A similar study showed better arterial structure, with a decrease in chronic inflammation that damages heart function, from sprints than from aerobic training. You can simply improve your heart health by adding a few sprint sessions into your routine a few days per week.

3. Increases Endurance

Lung Power and Overall Strength Who would have thought that sprinting could produce all of the above benefits? Through sprinting and speed training exercises, the body increases its ability to store oxygen, which helps the muscles function in all forms of exercise whether it’s lifting weights or training for a half marathon. Sprinting naturally increases the body’s endurance strength, making longer cardio and strength training sessions easier. As the body adapts to the breathing techniques in sprinting, this builds lung power in the chest cavity resulting in better breathing overall. – As soon on Muscle an Fitness hers website- http://www.muscleandfitnesshers.com/blogs/sj-mcshane/3-reasons-why-you-should-sprint#sthash.1rDcvHz9.dpuf